Table 2

Overview of studies on birth outcome after exposure to IFN-β or GA
Author Number of pregnancies with exposure to immunomodulatory therapy Results
Boskovic et al., 2005 [67] 23 Increased rate of spontaneous abortion (39%); decreased birth weight, two major birth defects (Down syndrome, X-chromosome abnormality)
Sandberg-Wollheim et al., 2005 [73] 41 Normal spontaneous abortion rate, one birth defect (hydrocephalus)
Patti et al., 2008 [72] 14 Normal spontaneous abortion rate and birth weight; shorter gestational period (37.8 weeks), no malformations
Hellwig et al., 2009 [71] 17 Normal miscarriage rate (2/17) and birth weight
Weber-Schoendorfer and Schaefer, 2009 [75] 69 31 Normal spontaneous abortion rate and birth weight, no preterm delivery; two major birth defects (club feet, AV canal) under GA
Amato et al., 2010 [68] 88 Normal spontaneous abortion rate; lower birth weight and length; no major birth defects
Salminen et al., 2010 [76] 13 In 9/13 exposure during whole pregnancy, normal spontaneous abortion rate and birth weight, no birth defects
Fragoso et al., 2010 [74] 11 Exposure >7 months during pregnancy; normal spontaneous abortion rate, birth weight and length
Sandberg-Wollheim et al., 2011 [70] 425 Normal spontaneous abortion rate, three major birth defects (VACTERL syndrome, tetralogy of Fallot, solitary kidney)
Hellwig et al., 2011 [69] 7 3 Exposure during whole pregnancy; lower birth weight and earlier delivery (GA); one malformation in IFN (valvular stenosis of pulmonary artery), one in GA (penile hypospadia)

Borisow et al.

Borisow et al. EPMA Journal 2012 3:9   doi:10.1186/1878-5085-3-9

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